My Pro Network

Memberships of professional unions:

World Photography Collection
Accepted as member from 2010. Global marketplace to help photographers to have their work promoted to creative professionals, galleries and collectors worldwide.

is an online Danish picture agency, where you can pay online with credit card. Image2use handles the selling of my backlist pictures. The agency was established in 2005.

Copy-Dan Visual Art
maintains the copyright matters of my pictures at Image2use.

The Danish Writers Assosiation
is the union of Danish authors. Member since 1972.

is a leading and one of the largest photo enthusiast clubs in Denmark – an exciting and creative environment for all kinds of photographers. Member since 2004.

American website – probably the world’s largest online photographers’ community. I use the site for giving and getting comments on pictures and to discuss professional opinions. Member since 2005.

Society of Danish Photography
is one of the largest organizations in Denmark for active photographers. Member since 2004.